What is the core competitiveness of clothing enterprises

2018-09-04 15:55

Why can't a great country become a global brand powerhouse and a brand powerhouse? The competition among clothing enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and Chinese clothing enterprises are bound to move towards an era of internationalization, globalization, and branding operations. Why cannot Chinese clothing enterprises speak with the same voice on the international stage? Are you all ready for Chinese clothing entrepreneurs? May I ask what Chinese clothing companies are? Some people believe that it is technology, which relies on advanced productivity; Some people believe that it is the modernization of equipment and information; Some people believe it is management; Talent; Channel; Funds, etc. I believe that the core of Chinese clothing enterprises is the more optimized allocation of resources and the more optimized integration of the industrial chain.

Firstly, there is a high degree of unity in the brand concept. The unification and internationalization of national culture is the ideological guarantee for a strong brand country. 1.3 billion people share the same voice to the world: 'China is a major clothing country, but also a strong brand and a strong brand power'. Why do major ethnic brands lack a unified slogan when facing international competition when there is a unified approach to brand promotion? How to resolve the contradiction between maximizing the interests of entrepreneurs and maximizing the overall interests of national brands? To resist foreign aggression, we must first settle our internal affairs. The country and nation should establish a model for enterprises, actively guide clothing enterprises towards healthy development from a macro perspective, and provide correct public opinion guidance for going global.

Secondly, integrate all links of the industrial chain. Due to the asymmetric distribution of clothing raw materials, textile technology, production bases, talent structure, capital operation, and clothing information, resources have not been optimized. The urgent task is to optimize the industrial chain. In terms of raw materials, the government conducts reasonable layout and scientific planning for the western region and major raw material bases, correctly guides the planting and cultivation of raw materials, constructs a good market environment, point-to-point cooperation, and ensures the healthy development of the textile industry. In terms of textile technology, optimize the national textile industry bases, such as restructuring the resources of major textile bases in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc., shorten the distance with raw material bases, and establish point-to-point supply and sales cooperation with raw material bases. In terms of talent education, we will reorganize and merge national textile and clothing universities, and divide education into specialized textile universities, clothing design universities, and clothing brand planning universities based on the division of labor in the clothing industry chain. We will provide targeted and outstanding professional talents for the clothing industry base. In terms of labor output: establish point-to-point cooperation between provinces, regions, and provinces with large labor output, which can be achieved by establishing factories nearby or joint ventures, fully integrating labor and production factors. In terms of capital operation: promote the listing of large and medium-sized clothing enterprises, guide and encourage enterprise mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, thereby expanding the brand effect of domestic clothing large enterprises and enhancing international competitiveness. In terms of information technology construction: Introduce international excellent information technology talents, purchase international excellent technology, use information technology to drive industrialization, and solve the current situation of outdated information technology. In terms of management: accelerate the transformation of modern enterprise mechanisms, from family businesses to business families. Through the deep integration of the upstream, midstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the logistics, information flow and capital flow of the clothing industry will be accelerated.

Thirdly, take the path of economies of scale. China's clothing production scale is relatively large globally, and how to deeply integrate and quickly increase profits is the key. Emancipating the mind, improving the economic system, developing new models of the clothing industry, accelerating industrial upgrading, and transitioning rapidly from extensive to intensive, effectively combining scale and efficiency to achieve the transformation from industrial clustering to industrial internationalization.

In short, the vitality, combat power, and willpower of the entire national brand are the core competitiveness of Chinese clothing enterprises, and the scientific development of the entire national brand can truly guide Chinese clothing enterprises towards the path of brand power.