Analyzing the reasons why women wear underwear together

2023-04-24 16:02

For women, underwear has more than just a necessity in daily life. There are various types of lingerie for women, including tight fitting and waist tight underwear. Among them, there are many sets of underwear suitable for various body types on the market. Do women wear complete sets of underwear?

The survey results have been published by the Japanese Only Girl Communication News Network. 42% of women prefer to wear complete sets of underwear, 31% try to wear one set, and 27% wear it together with other types of underwear.

Reasons to wear a complete set of underwear

Someone said, "Although others can't see what kind of underwear I'm wearing, I feel uncomfortable when I mix it up the wrong way." One woman said, "Sometimes when I'm too busy to wash clothes, I wear clean underwear first. However, when I see bras that are individually dried in the bathroom, it feels strange, so basically I wear complete sets of underwear." Another person said: When I buy it back, I don't wear it separately. Although it's not meant for others to see, wearing beautiful underwear on my own makes me feel very feminine and increases my confidence

27% of women reason to wear underwear together

Among the surveyed women, the majority of them were "complete sets of pies", but a minority of them were "casual outfits", which also accounted for nearly 30%. Here are the reasons for underwear to be worn loose.

A woman interviewed said, "When I buy underwear, sometimes I find that the underwear in a set looks good, but the bra is not very good. Wearing underwear is not to participate in formal competitions, so there is no need to wear the complete set up and down. Even if I often wear underwear sets, underwear is consumed faster than underwear." By the way, this woman said that she was watching a video of singer Katie Perry's "Youth Dream", Discovering that Katie Perry was wearing different sets of underwear during her performance, she was hit by some setbacks.

Someone said, "I only wear a complete set of underwear on dates, and I wear my own matching underwear at other times. Because underwear wears out before bras, it will inevitably end up with only bras. Also, bras are chosen in the morning to match clothes, and when choosing underwear for a shower at night, I consider matching it with the clothes I wear tomorrow

Another woman stated that as they age, their bodies cannot resist gravity. When choosing skirts and underwear styles, they try to avoid revealing the lines of their underwear, so they attach great importance to the role of underwear. I used to have the idea of 'preparing carefully tomorrow so that I can accept any date invitation at any time', but now I feel that even when it's important time, the other person won't pay attention to the underwear I'm wearing.

A woman said, "My bust circumference is H70, which is quite material. Although there are many stores selling large-sized underwear, the price is higher than regular underwear. I don't have enough money, so I have to buy underwear at the big sale, but at this time, I often come across different sets. When I have money, I will go buy an imported underwear set worth 20000 to 30000 yen to try it on

Another woman is facing the same problem: "The bust size is relatively large, so it is difficult to find a bra that suits her. I have tried many types of bras, and bras without straps are very uncomfortable to wear. Bras with straps are great, but the matching underwear is not suitable for me. In order to make myself feel more comfortable, I must wear the suit separately

A woman said, "When I was in my twenties, I also wanted to wear lingerie sets every day, but gradually it became just a matter of color matching, and now I don't really care if the colors don't match

The 'casual outfit' actually thinks it's better to wear lingerie sets

Compared to the "set style" that values one's own feelings, the "casual style" pursues comfort and convenience more. Also, women who exceed the average size cannot wear underwear sets.

However, in the 'casual style', there are more people who wear suits when going to beauty salons and gyms, or when going on dates. Some people also believe that if an accident occurs or an emergency occurs and they are sent to the hospital, it would be embarrassing to be found not wearing a complete set of underwear. So, "casual outfits" also feel that wearing lingerie sets is actually better. Of course, it cannot be concluded that women who do not wear complete sets of underwear are very casual.

Underwear has higher privacy compared to other clothing. Please choose the appropriate underwear style based on your actual situation.